Class Descriptions

Our spin classes are ideal for all fitness levels. Be in complete control at all times using a resistance dial on your individual spin bike. A series of hills, intervals and sprints help to push and challenge yourself every spin of the way. You will be supported and motivated throughout your workout with the big screen tv.

A combination of body weight exercises, interval training and strength training using kettlebells, dumbbells and weighted bars.

Connect with your deep core! A dynamic series of core blast exercises followed by Yoga poses to lengthen, release and increase mobility.


Our trainer teaches traditional Indian Classical Yoga with a personalised touch. Our trainer is from India and trained in India as a certified RYT 200 Yoga tutor in Hatha Yoga; the traditional Indian Classical Yoga form. If you are looking for an original yoga experience with a focus on individual goals to achieve the flexibility and mind-body balance, than this is a great place to begin your journey. Our trainer teaches classical yoga poses customised for all age groups (16+) and goals. Our classes also emphasise breathing, relaxation, and meditation along with exercises. Achieve the correct balance between your personal, professional, and health goals with our beautifully crafted rhythmic exercising classes. You don’t need to worry about your current flexibility level at all. Everyone is welcome. Our Yoga is for all and designed to serve all.

This is a group strength and resistance training session which challenges your entire body. We use varied movements with a focus on correct form and technique. Every class will be different and the intensity will change the load lifted making it suitable for beginners all the way to the more experienced

Our seniors program is suitable for those over 50, helping you keep fit and healthy in a fun environment with like minded people. These sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and our 3 different classes will target muscles and improve balance, flexibility, core strength and aerobic levels.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
High intensity interval training or HIIT for short. This interval-based class combines full-body training and high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and start your day off strong.

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