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Term 4: October 5th – December 19th (11 weeks).

Our aim at Marlin Coast Gymnastics is to provide your child with the opportunity to Gymnastics through a safe, positive, and friendly environment. Our staff are fully qualified with Gymnastics Australia, knowledgeable, and kept up to date with regular training. Our program has been specifically designed to ensure your child successfully masters the foundations of Gymnastics before progressing to our Levels program.


Class Duration: 45 minutes

At this level the goals are:

To develop coordination, movement confidence, balance and flexibility through fun and challenging physical activities. These classes also help children to practice patience, follow instructions and interact in a class environment.

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:8

This class is designed to prepare and transition the child from being on the floor without parents. This is where we begin to develop fundamental shapes, strength and fitness required for the next levels in our program.

Class Duration: 60 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:8
Gainers Age: 5-7 years
Movers Age: 7-10 years

This is where we begin to teach skills derived directly from the Gymnastics Australia Levels Program. Gymnasts will use the floor, beam, uneven bars and vault area and develop the key skills and shapes required for Level 1 and 2 through different drills and activities. Children begin to understand terminology that is carried through into the Levels program.

Class Duration Levels 1&2: 90 minutes
Class Duration Level 3: 120 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:8

By these levels, your child understands the fundamentals on all four apparatus, can follow instructions and work through stations in a controlled manner. There is more of a focus on strength, flexibility and technique that is required to execute Gymnastics to a high standard.

Holiday Program

Please see our current Holiday Program here.

Book Your Free Assessment

This complimentary assessment is an important part of the Enrolment process as it ensures that your child is placed in the correct level for their age and ability. The assessment usually takes 10 minutes and can be arranged Monday-Saturday (Subject to Teachers availability & only necessary for children over 3 years).

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