Swim School


  • Term 1 2021: January 19th – April 1st.
  • Term 2 2021: April 12th – June 26th.


Our aim at Marlin Coast Swimming and Fitness is to provide your child with the opportunity to Learn to Swim through a safe, positive, and friendly environment. Our staff are fully qualified, knowledgeable, and kept up to date with regular training. Our program has been specifically designed to ensure your child successfully masters the foundations of swimming before progressing to more technical skills.


Class Duration: 30 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:8

At this level the goals are:

To allow your child to explore and develop confidence in the water, in a fun nurturing environment, whilst educating parents on the basics of water safety and making new friends.

Class Duration: 30 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:4

This class is designed to prepare and transition the child from being in the water with a parent to without. We work on developing their confidence and love for the water whilst teaching them how survival and self-preservation skills. This is the base level in your child’s swimming journey.

Class Duration: 30 minutes
Class Capacity Levels 1&2: 1:4
Class Capacity Level 3: 1:5

At this level the goals are:

Now that your child is confident in the water and can swim independently it is time to work on stroke development. Starting with the foundations of Freestyle and Backstroke. As your child moves through the levels new skills and strokes are introduced, while continuing to develop previously fundamental skills.

Class Duration: 30 minutes
Class Capacity Pre-Mini: 1:6
Class Capacity Mini: 1:8

By these levels, your child understands the basis of all four competitive strokes. We provide technique focused drills to allow your child to swim further holding the essential technique needed. Children are taught lane etiquette and how to share a lane with multiple children.

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Class Capacity: 1:12

This is the lead in to the Junior and competitive Squads. Students by now have mastered the technique of all four competitive strokes. Lesson length is increased, and the focus is now on; quality swimming, learning how to read and use the pace clock, and fundamental competitive swim skills including starts, turns and finishes. As well as swim terminology that the students will carry into Squads.

Holiday Program

Please see our current Holiday Program here.

Book Your Free Assessment

This complimentary assessment is an important part of the Enrolment process as it ensures that your child is placed in the correct level for their age and ability. The assessment usually takes 10 minutes and can be arranged Monday-Saturday (Subject to Teachers availability & only necessary for children over 3 years).

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